Tile And Grout Cleaning

Tile And Grout Cleaning In Utah

Tile cleaning can be really difficult, and may be a big challenge if you are not familiar with the process. AJS Carpet Cleaning is an expert tile and grout cleaning company with over 14 years experience providing this service to many satisfied clients all along the Wasatch Range in Utah.

Our certified technicians will restore your synthetic tiles to their original sparkling and brilliant appearance. We use the best equipment and chemical reagents available for each specific and unique situation.


Our procedures are safe for adults, children and pets.

We guarantee that you will be pleased with our results or we will return your money, so you have nothing to lose by trying our tile cleaning and grout sealing services.

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Have you ever felt so frustrated while trying unsuccessfully to clean the grout between your tiles, that you just want to tear out the tiling and replace everything? Well, don’t be dismayed. You are not alone.. Grout enhances the appearance of your tiles with its wide array of complimentary colors, but it is composed of mostly porous material and is a good absorbent for all the detritus like grease, dirt, soap scum, carbonate scaling, cooking oil, and sediments that gets smeared over it with time.

Let us do the tedious dirty work for you. We love to clean tile and grout. Just call 801-368-0705 today.

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AJS Carpet Cleaning, Inc. offers the best available tile and grout cleaning and maintenance services in American Fork Utah 84003, 84004

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