Tips About How To Remove Coffee Stains From Carpet

10 Easy Steps To Remove Coffee Stains From Carpet

Do you dread going to the kitchen because of how horrible the carpet over there is? Does the sight of the coffee stains on the floor trigger all these weird emotions in you? There is no reason for any homeowner to feel this way! Coffee stains from carpets can easily be removed with the correct knowledge and tools.

With the use of some common household products, you can make your own homemade carpet cleaning solution for coffee and other stain removal. Here are 10 easy steps that you can follow to remove coffee stains from carpet:

  1. Using a dry cloth, blot the coffee stain as soon as possible to prevent causing any more damage to the carpet. Do not scrub the spot as this will just spread the stain to the rest of the carpet.
  2. Prepare the first cleaning solution by mixing equal parts of water and vinegar.
  3. Soak a clean cloth in the cleaning solution and dab it onto the coffee stain.
  4. Soak a different cloth in water and dab it onto the treated stain.
  5. Prepare another cleaning solution by mixing one cup of water and one tablespoon of liquid detergent.
  6. Soak a clean, dry cloth in it and dab it onto the carpet stain.
  7. Using a soft brush, scrub the spot carefully, working in a slow, circular motion.
  8. Soak another clean, dry cloth in water and dab it onto the affected area of the carpet.
  9. Leave the carpet to dry.
  10. Vacuum the area once the carpet has completely dried.

This technique is most effective for fresh coffee stains. Everyone is advised to immediately clean up any coffee stain and not delay dealing with it so that the carpet is not put in jeopardy.


For long-standing coffee stains, it is recommended to hire a professional carpet cleaning company, preferably one that offers truck mount carpet cleaning. These old stains can be difficult to remove, and they usually have to be worked on by stronger chemicals to be successfully removed.

Wherever you are in the United States, there are many professional cleaners that you can call to help you with your coffee stain on carpet problem. Just log on to your computer and search the internet for listings of carpet cleaning services in your area. Look for the ones with the best customer feedback and reviews. Call them and ask about the costs of services, discount offers, and so on to find the best deal there is and save a bit of money.


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